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$1000 A Touchdown (1939) DVD

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$1000 A Touchdown (1939) Director:  James P. Hogan Writers:  Delmer Daves (screenplay), Delmer Daves (story) Stars:  Joe E. Brown, Martha Raye, Eric Blore    This film should have been a press agent's dream: Hollywood's two greatest "big mouths," Joe E. Brown and Martha Raye, together in the same picture. Brown and Raye play a show business couple who inherit a near-bankrupt college. They decide to build up the school's scraggly football team in hopes of improving alumni funding; somewhere along the line it is agreed to grant one thousand dollars for every touchdown scored, hence the title. Slapstick opportunities abound, and with the two stars at the helm, the film should have been far funnier than it is. But thanks to uninspired direction and a threadbare budget, $1000 a Touchdown was a disappointment for fans of both Martha Raye and Joe E. Brown.   Shop for more rare movies at Alabaster.